Paweł Janusz

Lublin JUG

Pawel is experienced software engineer with almost 12y commercial experience in software development. Over those years my tech assignments were related to JVM - mostly back-end Java. Lately, I’m creating systems and deploy them in a cloud environment. Always interested in architectural trends, dumped old-fashioned enterprise architecture to follow microservices and serverless architecture ;) . Mostly involved in Telco and Fintech business. Privately - happy father of two and volleyball fan.


Think in Cloud, Devleop in Cloud

Cloud… recently popular buzzword not only in JVM world. More and more companies use the cloud in many different use cases. Want to have quick takeoff into the cloud? We'll start from basic possibilities of cloud such as cloud usage use cases. Then you'll be invited to be more familiar with AWS and some of its services. Some of them will cover another recently popular buzzword - serverless architecture. For smooth final - some serverless cooked service-pie.

You'll Fall in Love With Krakow!